…exert from Don Ferrell’s book, “The 80-10-10 Plan.”



Listen very closely….SUGAR is the #1 cause for obesity and disease in this country (USA).  And this is why?  Sugar is cheap, highly addictive and deathly toxic to your body.  You always keep coming back for more.  “Trust me, I have been there too!” Do you crave sweats at night?  Does your diet focus around pizzas, bread, rices, and pastas?  Unfortunately, you are consuming the number one food risk factor for diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Now, let me explain.  To be more specific, Wheat, which is a sugar or carbohydrate, is truly the devil that I am referring too.  Over the past 75 years, wheat (both processed and whole) has changed so drastically by way of cross breeding, hybridization and genetic modification, it no longer comes remotely close to it’s ancestors. And why,  for one reason, and one reason only…to increase yield per acre and ultimately increase profits and pocket-books.

This new wheat is highly toxic to our bodies, and it is the number one reason for obesity and inflammation in America, and it is the one food that I strongly recommend you eliminate (or  at least drastically reduce-Breakfast ONLY) from your daily nutrition.  If you want all the details regarding wheat and the research to back it up,  pick up  the book WHEAT BELLY written by William Davis, MD.  It will change your life forever.

Now, back to carbohydrates and sugars.  Americans consume an average of 120 pounds of sugar per year, per person. Compare this to only 15 pounds of sugar  per person in the early 1900’s.  These sugars are hidden in virtually every boxed food, cereal, cookie and cracker.  Even most fruit juices labeled “100 percent” juice typically contain more sugar than can of soda.

“THE KEY WORD HERE IS INFLAMMATION.” Here’s the deal, when sugar enters the body, it is broken down into its simplest form for appropriate and immediate use-FOR energy.  The sugar is then transported to the bloodstream for transport to the cells throughout the body.  When we consume wheat/gluten/sugars at every meal and snack for years on end, our body literally becomes overloaded. This overload destroys the body at a cellular level because it causes cell receptors to literally burn out and die (which ultimately is the cause of cellular congestion and “inflammation”). But then, your pancreas must release enough insulin to take the sugar from the blood to the cells.  And guess what, there is a direct relation between the amount of insulin the blood stream and the amount of fat deposited in the body.  Hence, increase carbohydrate intake, increase insulin, and ultimately increase body or visceral fat.

THE 5:00PM RULE.  One of my top food rules with carbohydrates pertains to the time of the day in which you should consume sugars or carbs.  Remember, sugars primary job is to supply the body with immediate energy.   Therefore, you do not need energy at night when you go to bed.  Your going to sleep.  You are NOT going for a 6 mile run at 9:00pm at night.  Don’t kid yourself.  Sugars/Wheat (See below) should ONLY be consumed at breakfast and  sometimes at lunch, avoiding all bread and wheat related products at dinner or after 5:00pm. (“If you must have some wheat.”)

"Watching Your Back,"

Your Health Coach,

Dr. Ross Cocimiglio

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