We value our patients' experience at Four Points Family Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Ross Coccimiglio & his team thank all of our patients for giving us the opportunity to help you succeed to be healthier individuals.

Reason for Starting Care: Constant Headaches/Back Spasms

" I Have felt awesome! More energy-no more headaches-not so tired all the time. Feel great! I was so used yo daily headaches I just assumed that was the norm, now they're gone and I can't understand how I lived that way. My back finally has the proper curve and my twisted pelvis is back within the normal range. Anyone who thinks it's "anecdotal' just needs to look at my "before" and "after" x-rays. It's there in black and white. It's just not about your spine- it's your overall health and well-being that is affected. Go Dr. Ross!!!"

Janine C. (Age: 42)

Reason for Starting Care: Migraines, Ovulation Pain, Neck Pain

"I feel great! I sleep better, I no longer get migraines. My neck feels great and my ovulation pains are better. I have more energy! Migraines used to be so painful, I would stay in a dark room. I just feel better overall. It works, I think everyone should try it out. Much better than taking perscription pills. Thnak you Dr. Ross!"


Suzanne M. (Age:32)

Reason For Starting Care: Trouble Breathing and Discomfort With My Back Posture

"I feel great and have been able to breathe a whole lot better. I have been able to do longer workouts at the gym and lift heavier weights without any problems. My spine has corrected back into place. Even if you feel fine, you feel great with chiropractic carejust because you won't know what is wrong until you notice how good you feel."

Pedro D. (Age: 21)

Reason For Care: Very Stiff Neck and Stiffness due to Parkinson's

"I am less stiff. My movements seen to be more fluid. I'm hoping that it helps my nervous system operate more efficiently. Chiropractic isn't just for bad aching backs. Your back need correction long before you notice problems."

Betty W. (Age: Senior)

Reason For Care: Terrible Leg Pains for Years! Headaches that slowed this little person down. Medical Doctor said all were "Growing Pains!!"

"Olivia is six years old and has felt great since starting Chiropractic Adjustments! No more leg pains or headaches! For the first time for what seems all her life Olivia can sleep all night now and not wake up crying in pain! And no more headaches!!! Do not listen to anyone who says, "Growing Pains," there is no such thing! "Growing Pains" actually means "I don't know what is wrong with your child." I as her Grandmother and Mindy as her aunt can mot believe the awesome changes in Olivia (& ourselves) under Dr. Ross' care. Run! Don't walk-bring your little one in for Chiropractic Care! We know you will be glad that you did!"

Laurie W. (Grammy), Mindy W. (Aunt), for Olivia (Granddaughter Age:6)

Reason For Care: Upper Back Pain

"I have felt great since getting adjustments. Prior to adjustments I had allergies. They are gone now! What a relief! Chiropractic is something that will change your life for the better."

Ramiro G. (age: 29)

Reason For Care: My wife and I had benefited from some chiropractic care when living in California. Having recently retired and living in Austin we decided to take, both of us, a 12 month course to get the full benefit from such chiropractic care.

"A huge increase in flexibility of my back. Most importantly I had severe headaches every two to three weeks. I have not had one since the start of the chiropractic care four/five months ago. I'm looking forward to overall improved health over the next months."

David H. (age: 68)

Reason For Care: My lower legs have been aching for over a year. I had to limit my day to day activites because of the pain.

"Fabulos! I'm so excited, my leg pains are gone and I'm feeling much better. I'm able to spend more time on my feet. Whereas before, I was limited because of the pain. My activities have increased. The benefits of chiropractic care is so essential in day to day life. Your spine and nervous system are the "hard drives" of our bodies. Dr. Ross is the Bomb! He is very knowledgable in his field and has convinced me that chiropractic goes beyond just the adjustments and workshops. It's vital to everyday life. Keep up the good work!"

Lil (age:47)

Reason for Care: High Blood Pressure and Overall Better Health

"Frustrated with people who place all their faith in medical doctors who are simply legal drug dealers. I used to have high blood pressure usually running 135/95. Now my readings are usually 106/70. I have followed recommendations as directed by Dr. Ross. The results speak for themselves. Quit waisting your money on doctors "practicing medicine" and put your money on a sure thing. My co-workers think it's a miracle that I have not gotten sick like everyone else. It is no miracle - it's simply making the right choices for your health!"

Mary (Age: Forty Something)

Reason For Care: Severe Lower Back Pain for a prolonged period of time.

"The Four Points staff have taken a deep interest, from day one, in the health and wel being of my entire family. When I first came to the practice coping with my pain, it was the first thought of the day when I woke up and the last thing on my mind at bed time. Now, it is rarely a consideration. Don't delay your visit to Four Points Family Chiropractic. Embrace the concept of "wellness" that they promote. Make it a cornerstone element in your life. I have seen a number of chiropractors in my life. Dr. Ross was the first to take the time to really get to the heart of my specific problem and to also have the skill and understanding necessary to solve the problem."

Shawn B. (Age: 47)

Reason For Care: Ear Infections, Lung Congestion, Cough, Sinus Issues. Had been treated for 6 to 7 ear/sinus infections in 12 months.

"She has had very little coughing and congestion. No Infections! This despite cedar and winter season. We have eliminated antibiotics and Benadryl. Better sleep quality - no coughing. Four Points Family Chiropractic has helped get the whole family out of pain and healthier. Even works for a two year old. Zara warmed up to Dr. Ross."

Zara M. (Age: 2) Mother Pam O.

Reason For Care: Severe Back & Neck Pain

"I have more energy, less pain overall, healthier and more enthusiastic. I have been able to walk more, perform more activities with less pain, and I'm sleeping better. I have better posture and I am more balanced. It just make sense to take care of your spine. I have lost 4 pounds since Dr. Ross started adjusting adjusting my lower back. God bless you Dr. Ross!"

Louise C. (Age:70)

Reason For Care: Severe Sciatic Pain Settled In Left Buttock For About 3 or 4 Months. Also, Chronic Low Back Pain.

"Sciatic pain in buttock about 98% gone. Lower back pain is less, and I can stand up straighter. Go to a Gonstead-Certified Chiropractor for good health improvement. Do what he tells you to do- immediately after your adjustment. Walk at least 5 minutes, drink more water, and ice as prescribed. I wish I had found a chiropractor such as Dr. Ross Coccimiglio in the 1970's and 1980's and avoid my 3 back surgeries."

Don A. (Age: 78)

Reason For Care: Stress

"I have felt great! Stress levels are down and my energy is up! I feel more balanced when I run and I have dad fewer injuries. My curve improved in my neck. Don't knock it until you try it! Four Points Family Chiropractic takes exceptional care of their patients."

Doug R. (Age: 37)

Reason For Care: Constant UTI's, Bedwetting, Poor Posture

"I feel better. I sit up strait without thinking about it. Every time I test for UTI's, it comes out negative. My life has changed not only in the things above, but I can go to a sleep over without worrying I have to make fake excuses to change before everyone in the morning. Two words, "TRY- IT"! It may seen scary, it doesn't hurt, everyone there is nice to you, and after you feel a lot better. Dr. Ross is amazing (so is Dr. Harris) and everyone in the office gets to know you and you know them. They're more friends than doctors."

K. B. (Age: child)

Reason For Care: Came in to Support My Daughter

"I was always in pain, but not anymore. Everything in my life has changed. I can sleep better, walk better, generally enjoy life again! I have severe scoliosis since the age of 18. I had surgery and rods and wires in my spine. I have suffered for over 20 years of pain and immobility. I thought I had no option. That there was no hope for me. Was I ever wrong. Anything is possible. I was a worst case scenario. Now, I am pain free for the first time in over 20 years! Commit to the program. Believe in the possibilities. Live the Chiropractic lifestyle! Enjoy a healthy Pain Free Life! BELIEVE!"

Karin W. (Age: unknown)

Reason For Care: Headaches, Swelling of Thyroid, Conjestion

"I have felt great! Not conjested. Headaches completely gone. I am no longer on pain meds. My wife says for the first time I don't snore anymore. Don't wait for pain to address your health. I was under Chiropractic care for 7 years and was very healthy. 4 years ago I stopped and have moved to phase II degeneration. We always need to take care of our spine."

David W. (Age: unknown)

Reason For Care: Family Encouragement and Lacrosse Injury

"Quick injury recoveries, less back pain and more energy during practices. It's allowed me to keep my attention in school and sports and not the every day pain. Chiropractic care gives you an advantage over all those who neglect their spinal care. The Chiropractic team treats you like family as do all the other patients, creating a comfortable and relaxed environment."

Even L. (Age: 18)

Reason For Care: Sleep Apnea

"I no longer snore which was caused by sleep apnea. I now feel rested and my energy & productivity in all aspects has improved! I no longer want or need a nap. I am much less irritable and more tolerant. My attitude is better. My neck curve has corrected which has allowed me to breathe at night which reduces sleep apnea! Do your research and open your mind. I was not a "chiro" believer at first. My results speak for themselves. Also, accept the 21 day weight loss challenge. It is remarkable and will change and improve your eating habits."

Brandon B. (Age: 37)

Reason For Care: Tired of Being In Pain- Taking Pain Meds That Did Not Work Anymore.

"I feel great! I have more energy! I can stay awake longer. I can enjoy, hold, and play with my grand baby. I can breathe better. My posture has improved as well. This wonderful doctor gave me my life back. How do you thank someone for this? I was existing- now I live! If not for Dr. Ross I would have been strung out on pain pills the rest of my existence! Now I can live…he gave me my life back!"

Patricia G. (Age: 46)

Reason For Care: Extreme Lower Back Pain on a Regular Basis

"My back pain is gone and I feel more energetic. My life has definitely changed for the better. I feel as though I'm taller and more able to walk upright. Before I started coming to Four Points Family Chiropractic, I also had a weak urine flow, but now everything is back to normal. Tami is a great addition to the team. Dr. Ross is professional and knowledgeable and dedicated to your health. The workshops are a great bonus also. THANK YOU!"

Jeff B. (Age: Unknown)

Reason For Care: Asthma

"Able to focus more in school; slight change in asthma in 4 months. No more back cramps. I have a straighter back; better posture and easier to keep posture. It's not time consuming and after early chiropractic appointments, you can go to tutoring. It takes five minutes for the appointments and the office staff is fun."

Cody W. (Age: 14)

Reason For Care: Back, Spine, & Pains That Seem To Worsen

"Much, much improvement. No longer pain. Same simple minor discomforts that improve with every visit. I have participated and finished my first triathlon. My next triathlon is scheduled for August. My posture has improved with optimal health a reality. My experience with Dr. Ross has exceeded all expectations and he has earned my trust. For me it was so much more than a visit to a chiropractic office. It's about Dr. Ross and his deep commitment to his patients and results."

Bob F. (Age: 70)

"I feel great! I sleep better, I no longer get migraines. My neck feels great and my ovulation pains are better. I have more energy! Migraines used to be so painful, I would stay in a dark room. I just feel better overall. It works, I think everyone should try it out. Much better than taking prescription pills. Thank you Dr. Ross!"

Bob F. (Age: 70)


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